Saturday, December 24, 2011

The logical next step in this game ...

Merry Christmas All!

Republicans want to prevent fraud and have voters show an ID (cough, Chicago, cough).  Democrats don't want this, in part because minorities are apparently less likely to have or show IDs.

The next step for Republicans should be to pair this ID requirement bill with a bill that helps those without IDs obtain them.  That should quiet opposition (it won't quiet the ones who want fraud, but it should quiet those who want to ensure all people who are legally able to vote, can vote).

When I went to the voting booth with my kids this past November, the lady behind the desk told me that "next year I'd need my ID". When I asked my 8-year old about why that will be required, she said: "That way, somebody can't come to vote claiming their somebody who their not, right?".  Sometimes kids see issues more clearly than adults.

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