Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bipartisan Foolishness


The state of Pennsylvania banned bath salts and other "synthetic drugs" recently.  There was bipartisan foolishness here.  It is crazy our elected officials aren't even smart enough to ask the right question. 

The right question isn't "Are bath salts bad?"  Of course they are.  The right questions are: "Will a ban on bath salts result in a net benefit to society?" or "Will the benefits from the ban be greater than the costs that are imposed?" 

It was clear with alcohol prohibition and is clear with the current prohibition on marijuana and other drugs that banning a drug often leads to costs (in terms of spending on jails and law enforcement along with crimes related to the prohibition) than any benefits that are realized.  It may be different with this ban, but the fact that nobody even asks the question does not inspire confidence.

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