Tuesday, February 22, 2011

More on vouchers ...

One thing to look for when you write an opinion piece - which arguments don't your opponents challenge.  When your opponents can't find a good counter-critique on an issue, a neutral observer should feel pretty comfortable with it.  Here are two points I made in my editorial that haven't been challenged in posted comments or emails I received:

1.  That a voucher system will eliminate the need for mandatory testing.

Given all the negative comments on the No Child Left Behind Testing, it seems that even opponents of vouchers concede a well-designed voucher plan will save millions in administrative costs and millions of hours of educational time.

2. That our colleges/universities aren't the world's best while our primary/secondary schools are not the world's best. 

Opponents of vouchers seem to have no explanation for this.  I have a simple one: There is competition across colleges and universities but without vouchers there is not among K-12 schools.  The intriguing issue is that competition among K-12 schools would be more fierce than colleges, since there are so many more K-12 schools in any given 20-mile radius.  

I keep getting comments that indicate I must have a hidden agenda for school systems.  I don't.  I send my children to my local public school, and I attended public schools growing up too.  I guess I am just pro-choice on this issue, while the left isn't.  Kind of ironic ...

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